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January 5, 2013


Delicate emotions.
Forgiveness grants hope,
Inspires joyfulness;
Kindness lingering—
Memory nurtures one.
Patience quickens reverence;
Speaking tenderly uplifts vision,
Welcomes xenium— youthful zeal.

Youthful zeal; xenium welcomes,
Vision uplifts— tenderly speaking.
Reverence quickens patience;
One nurtures memory,
Lingering kindness.
Joyfulness inspires,
Hope grants forgiveness.
Emotions delicate—

© Selena Howard ,2013

My newest constraint poem is called an alphabet poem because it follows the alphabet by using every letter in the alphabet and the order in which they appear.I took this a step further than most I’ve seen and added the difficulty of reversing it

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  1. Olan L. Smith permalink
    January 6, 2013 5:37 pm

    Lovely, you do know how to step it up, smile. Love, Olan

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